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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

More Taebo workouts..

Yesterday was Taebo Bootcamp Cardio Live - I like the use of resistance bands in this workout but it is only 30 minutes so I also did part of one of my Xmas workouts - The 10 Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Killer workout.

Today was more Taebo. Billy's Favourite Moves - Love it, lots of fun in 45 minutes and some ab and butt work with cardio.

Taebo and Billy Blanks are releasing a new set of workouts - not that I even have all of the old! But thenew workouts sound like fun - I am being sorely tempted...The website doesn't post to Australia but I know Collage Video will have the set later this year - and they DO post overseas.

Should I or shouldn't I (order, that is!).

Maybe as a healthy eating reward?? I know my eating goes in fits and phases and I'd like to be more consistent with portion control.

Taebo Amped

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Cindy said...

Workouts sound neat, Leonie!

Yes, portion control gets me every time..

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