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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Walkin' Fiend

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Maria and I'm a walkin' fiend.

One of my goals for the new year has been to try and get out everyday with the kids - it has to be with the kids as my husband travels lots so my exercise is inevitably linked with their's!

We started out the year very well, but then came down with colds for roughly 10 days. This has been the week of getting back out and we've done very well. Monday, we walked to a park a mile away and played.

Tuesday - I can't remember....

Wednesday we went to a different park and while the children played, I walked around the perimeter of the park and canal area.

This afternoon, my intention is to walk to the bank and back which will be a two mile walk.

In April, the pool at the nearby University opens for public recreation swim - we are SO there!

So, that's our rough outline.

Go! Fight! Win! Walk!


Rachel May said...

Excellent, Maria! Good to see you here. I was reading an article in Runner's World encouraging people to do something (walk or run) every day. Some people had streaks of years. I found it very inspiring, and I think walking with the kids would be a great idea. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria!

You go, girl!



Leonie said...

Happy walking Maria! And nice to see you here....

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I remembered Tuesday - we went to our diocesan pro-life Mass. As it is held at the Cathedral downtown, there's lotsa walkin' involved. After Mass, we walked to the Capital for the rally....

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