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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Backwards Workout

Oh, so this is pretty cool.

My Pt instructor (and all around neat person) cuts our articles and ideas she finds in her vast resource universe.. lol.. and today gave me this workout for my treadmill.

I told her I wanted an alternative to Jazzercise, just as all things and get old, and I can't run anymore. OH, I wish I could.

( Karen, I am running vicariously with you every morning! Hey, that works great.. you run, I stay in bed. lol)

Anyway for those of you with treadmills, here it is. I plan to try it tomorrow.

Each portion has descriptions, minute elapsed, speed in mph and incline %

Warm up 0-4, 3.5, 1

Retro walk
(backwards) 4-15, 2.5, 3

1st Hill 13-15, 4.0, 5

15-17, 4.1 , 6

17-22, 4.1 , 7

Retro walk 22-24, 2.5 , 2

2nd Hill 24-25, 4.2 , 6

25-27, 4.2, 9

Cool down 27-30, 3.0, 1

I like this idea. The treadmill gets sooooo boring. I have done stair machines backwards before and they really work different muscles when you go 'retro.' I also like the variation of this.. always watching the clock to make changes in incline and speed. Well looks good on paper.. will try it out!

For those with no treadmill, she also gave me a work out for the stairs. Regular stairs. It is circuit training , so mixes stair walking and running with calastnics. If you want, let me know, I will post.

I will give you a review on this workout soon!

* You Aussies will have to convert to kilometers.. good math exercise for your dc! lol


Leonie said...

My dh runs or weight walks - and occasionally uses the treadmill. I'll pass on this workout to him. I just bought him a rowing machine, too! On sale!

I am not a machine person, though...

Cindy said...


May I ask how he does weight walks? I had heard they are trechours for the back... but maybe there is a safe way to do it?

I would like to know as I can't run anymore but can walk.. but have a hard time getting my hr over 130 when I walk. Wondered if weights would help, as we have few hills in Houston... lol

Leonie said...

Dh carries two 5kg weights ina military backpack - total weight 10 kg ( about 22 lbs). He also walks hills - he feels the weights are evenly distributed and give him less back or joint pain than running.

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