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Friday, January 19, 2007

What I've Been Doing..

Thursday - Billy Blanks Bootcamp Basic Training

Friday - Taebo Fat Blasting Cardio ( thought I was doing Total Body Blast and kept wondering where the strength training intervals were. Then I realized I took the wrong workout off the shelf! lol!).

Saturday - today - FIRM Classic Volume 1. I am drenched in sweat - thats a tough cardio and weights workout. Aerobic weight training or AWT.

Yesterday in the post I received my copy of the old fitness book "FIRM For Life."

Read part last night. :-)

It talks about the importance of resolve and of how being fitter and stronger helps us in all our other aeas of life - it's not selfish, it's not exercise for exercse sake, it's a life care thing. As we reach fitness goals and are strong and healthy we can tackle other areas of our life. The will and spirit we build can bring us closer to God and build personal and spiritual strength. We can be happier people and pass this onto our families...

The book also has some great nutrition advice - no dieting, eating healthy, watching portions, food journalling.

And some weird arcane advice on grooming - only wear black underwear in winter???

So now, I am trying to read three fitness books at once and a novel passed onto me by a priest friend and one of the books in the Didache religion series! Spiritual and mental and physical fitness, all in one...


Rachel May said...

That book sounds great. I've often thought that my lack in the fitness area was as much spiritual as anything. If I develop self control and perseverance in one area like exercise or diet, it will definitely spill over. Also I love the no diet approach. I chose WW because of that. They are big on choosing healthful foods nd don't require you to buy special food. It's choice expanding not limiting. :0

Funny thing, there's snow in the forecast and my mom sent me black underthings this week. Too weird...

Anonymous said...

"thought I was doing Total Body Blast and kept wondering where the strength training intervals were. Then I realized I took the wrong workout off the shelf! lol!).

Leonie. .this made me giggle out loud!! Ha ha- sounds like me!


Anonymous said...


I have this book on order at my library... and also the other you recommended... Fed Up.

Ok.. what is with the underwear thing? I don't own ANY black! And my mother would never think of sending me any...lol

Yes, I like her advice. Humm.. will be good pondering.


Anonymous said...

<< it's a life care thing>>

This is it.

If Karen is reading... maybe she will post. Karen is my good friend from here who recently cared for her mom before she passed away last year. Her mom had many health issues and Karen has been an inspriation to me in how she now is taking care, even more, of her health to be there for her kids.

She has a blog, tracking her new hobby- running.. and calls it something to the effect of 'this is for my kids'.

That is much of where I am.

I want to be slim and active to play tennis with my boys and feel good. Since moving to Houston I suffer a lot of fatigue- know a lot is allergies-- but know that the more fit I am the better and would like to shed 20 pounds or so.

I want also, to be around a long time and see all my awesome grandchildren.. and participate in life.

And a healthy body gives a healthy sprit. I KNOW I am nicer to be around after a good stiff workout!

YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!


Leonie said...

Hey, Rachel - funny about the back unerwear! I actually have some but its not restricted to winter wear! lol!And Cindy you make me feel good - I am not the only person who does goofy things. :-)

BTW, being fitter has made me a btter mum of boys, I play more games and sports now with the kids cos of fitness..

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