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Sunday, January 21, 2007

If you come to a fork in the road...

take it! --Yogi Berra

I love him don't you? I also loved this Healing Seafood Stew that Bill made last night, but you'll want a spoon not a fork. It's huge on flavor, but easy on the waistline. After a very yummy dinner, I put myself in a headlock and forced myself onto the treadmill.


Leonie said...

Rachel - I couldn't trace the link to the recipe?? It sounds delish.

Great work on the treadmill ~ how's the swimming oing?

Rachel May said...

Thanks, Leonie. I figured out what I did wrong. Too many https. :) So sad about the swimming, but they are having staffing problems so I couldn't make it today. Hopefully Wednesday. I'm off to do a yoga DVD. You've made me look at my Tae Bo tapes again, but our VCR died :( so something gentler tonight, I guess.

Leonie said...

Thanks for the recipe link! Yum!

Hopefully the staffing hassles get fixed up - but good for you with the treadmill~!

Cindy said...

I look forward to trying it, Rachel. Love the name.. 'healing'.. :)

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