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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jazzercise today and my new DVDs

Today I took class from Leslie.. just love her.. at Jazzercise. She had me goin' as I burned 400 call as opposed to the 350 or so that usually clock out on my watch.

She had some new routines. Jazzercise sends the instrutors a new set of routines every 6 weeks or so. These are choreographed..which I love, b/c the challenge of making the right moves keeps my mind off how tired I am, lol.

She said usually at the beginning of a new year the moves are basic since a lot of new students join. But today there was some wierd stuff. but fun!

Only thing I don't care for is the rap (Jz tries to keep 'current' bah!)-- and when a certain Madonna song comes on I take a long bathroom break. Yeah. I don't like Madonna and will tell you way if you ask. :-P

Hey Leonie! Got my Billy Blanks DVDs in today from the library! Hope they work...lol
They are:

TAEBO II Get Ripped
Instructional Get Started Workouts

TAEBO Ultimate Abs/Derierre (my euphamism...lol)

Also got Uncle Tom's Cabin on tape for ds Civil War stuff and St. Augustine's Confessions on tape for my walking. Wouldn't St. Augustine be in awe that we listen to him while working out? I hope he would like it....

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Leonie said...

I love the Ultimate Abs and B*** - it doesn't have the cool music of the Lives but it is fun and effective - esp all those b*** moves.. ( The word doesn't offend me but i'm keeping it cleaner for you! lol!).

BTW, I love some rap, esp LL Cool J. They use some rap in some of the Taebo and Turbo Jam workouts...And I even like working out to some Madonna songs ( I am pathetic, aren't I? :-) ).

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