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Friday, January 19, 2007

Jumping In

This is so me. I find something good, I get excited, and I jump in! The only problem with that appoach is things can get in a muddle. Like for example, my first post where I didn't introduce myself first and got mistaken for Leonie (not a bad thing). So....

Here I am again, very excited about this fitness blog. By way of a very brief background, I am currently swimming laps at an indoor pool for 32 minutes 3x/week (alone) and jogging 1x/week with my 7 year olds. I'm 15 pounds overweight, I love to eat, I have a lot going on (don't we all?) and my healthy mantra this past year has been, "balance." Do I sound like I belong here? Thank you Cindy for inviting me to play!

I have had the same problem with my fitness plan being in a muddle too. Two weeks before Christmas I decided that I would rather swim than run for exercise, so Bill bought me a new suit, and I hit the pool. And now I am able to do a 32 minute workout without a near drowning, so I've started wonder, "What is my goal?" This kept me pretty occupied on my swim Wed, at Weight Watchers last night, and on my swim this morning. Because the problem is if we don't have a goal, how do we know where we're going and if we get there? And if we get off track, how do we find our way back?

So here is my goal:

I will lose 15 pounds before the baby turns 1 in April (about 15 weeks).

My tools will be Weight Watchers, my above workout (32 mins earns me 2 WW points), a 15 week meal plan for the family that Bill is going to help me devise, and this blog. I feel a sort of freedom having that in print...


Leonie said...

Wow, great plans - it is cool to commit in print, isn't it?

I like the idea fo swimming - when the kids and I go ( infrequently) to the pool, I try to do as many laps as possible. Basically, as well as my workout, try to just do active things in my daily life with the family.

Welcome, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Rachel!

Until I read this I didn't realize that past post was yours and not Leonie! TOO FUNNY! I wondered when Leonie went to the pool... :)

So glad to have you.

I liked WW a whole lot. They are very balanced and it works very well to help one realize portion control, etc. That is my biggest demise.. is the eating.. I love to eat!

I always think of my MIL who was never skinny (her sister was a twig) and she always would eat a full portion and say..

"I just love my own cooking.. what can I say?" lol

And her sister would decline and when she got a box of chocolate only eat one a day.

Wow.. way off track!

Yes, goals are good. I have to be careful to keep the balance (that Type A portion of me..)

We are on your team! Go!

Cindy in Houston

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