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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today is an off day for exercise. I try to do aerobics 5 days a week or so.
I may go to the PT (personal training) class tonight as I can't Friday am. (Have Clonlara conference call early am, then a meeting with finance guy and dh).

Eating has become terrible again since I quit counting on ww.com. Sigh.


Faith said...

Hi Cindy,

I seem to have deleted your e-mail. Anyway, I have gone from Carpal Tunnel which has subsided greatly after wearing those wristband thingies for several days, to having done something to my right hip and knee. I am hobbling around. I did this on Tuesday while doing my Leslie Sansone dvd.

Boo, hoo. I feel I'll never get ahead. Since I can't really exercise right now, I am just focusing on trying to eat better.

Leonie said...

Hi Faith, sorry to hear about your health struggles. I know when I had blood clots in my legs last January, I found I could still do some upper body workouts - would that work with your Carpel Tunnel stuff?

Hi Cindy - my eating has been good these last few days and I think cos I am focsuing on health and fitness and not on diets per se. Plus, I have written an affirmation for myself and reading that after morning prayers helps.

I remember Billy Blanks' words and so I am building my will to eat healthy but not over eating or being too restrictive. I am telling myself "Be more than a conqueror. Where I'll be tomorrow is where my mind will put me. Every day above ground is a blessed day. And I choose to make healthy choices and not waste my workout. "

I sound a bit crazy but being healthy is all about my mind and my spirit, for me that is..

kidspatch said...

Hi Cindy
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy this blog. I am a bit of a "diet fraud" after having walked around this mountain numerous times over the last few years! BUT I do get inspired by you guys so who knows, maybe 2007 is my year?
As for weight watchers, my daughter, 21, joined six weeks ago. She was doing really well until she got "slack" and stopped writing her daily eating schedule and counting points. She gained 1.5kg over the christmas period and feels very deflated. I think the secret is to never stop counting points and keeping check of your points. Not that "I" can talk!

kidspatch said...

I meant to say, keep track of your food each day and don't stop counting points!

Leonie said...

Kidspatch, I hope you can join us on the blog - we can all get fitter together in 2007!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Cindy, that's okay about the eating.

Just start fresh today and don't beat yourself up!

Hugs to you!

You really are doing great despite the small setback!

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