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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Taebo and the FIRM..

These two seem to be my workouts of choice right now.

I tend to leave picking my workouts to serendipity - what I feel like on that day, what jumps out to me, what someone mentions on Video Fitness.....within a set framework
(currently two days cardio, one AWT or resistance).

Yesterday was the FIRM 2003 BSSS2 Complete Aerobics and Weight Training.
More info - I don't use the FIRM equipment, just an aerobic step and weights.

Today was Taebo Advanced Live 7. I have to admit to singing along to some of the songs in this workout!
ETA ~ This is a pic of me in my workout clothes, after a workout - a bit daggy but at least its real! lol!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Right on, Leonie!

Cindy said...

You look so sporty!
What does 'daggy' mean? Another cute Aussie word! lol

Rachel May said...

You look FABULOUS and so so sporty, which around my house is a HUGE compliment.

I'm glad you mentioned about how you pick your workout, because as I was swimming this morning I was wondering just that!

Leonie said...

Daggy - not cool, basically! lol!

Reading yur post about body types, Cindy - I am sporty, I guess,to coin Rachel's term - that kind of athletic build??? But maybe thats cos of the workouts I do - different workouts could produce different effects, do you think?

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