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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Have to share!

There are new Taebo workouts coming out! I am in love! lol!

This is not the big series, the Amped series. That series will be released on Monday and will be available for those not living in the US ( like me!) in February, from Collage Video.

These other, two new workouts are available for pre-order from Amazon - I think the release date is March 2007. I have pre-ordered both - Taebo Get Celebrity Fit Cardio and Taebo Get Celebrity Fit Sculpt.

Who could resist? Amazon offers a discount and the workouts are not terribly expensive anyway! And much cheaper than gym membership, here in Australia.And working out at home is so convenient for me.

Who's rationalizing? :-)

I'll let you know what the workouts are like when I receive them...


Cindy said...

That sounds great, Leonie.. give us a review.

I am curious who the 'celebrities' will be... :)

Leonie said...

Me too, - on the BB website it mentions that BB trains several stars...

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