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Friday, January 5, 2007

The FIRM Workouts

Yesterday I did a Classic FIRM workout -Volume 4 - the Time Crunch Workout. 45 minutes of cardio and weights, using an aerobic step.

Here is a 90 Day Rotation, using the FIRM workouts - however, the workouts are listed by category ( cardio/weights/total body) so you can sub any other workout of choice for a FIRM workout. Each month has a fitness focus and a nutrition goal.

I haven't tried this rotation ( where would I fit in my Taebo and Turbo Jam??) - but it is a thought....


Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie

I have a FIRM tape I got in a garage sale, and as I think I heard you say once, very 80s lol.. but effective!

I think I will get some videos to change up my workouts. I see I have a billy blanks waiting for me at the libary! I will post a review soon!


Leonie said...

Sounds cool - as do your Jazzercise workouts. No jazzercise classes near me. :-(

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