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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Review of Taebo Ultimate Abs and Behind!

Ok.. I just did the workout.

Man, am I tired!

I am cooked! And my heartrate was hitting 150 for a bunch of that cardio!

My review-

I LOVE Billy Blank's energy! I did the ulitmate ab workout. I read some reviews on Amazon (as my DVD case didn't even tell my how long it was) and they said this workout was pieced together from others- all the abs in one place.

But, even with him focusing on abs, it was a tremendous cardio workout-about 40 min long- and then 15 min of floorwork. Very challenging and I felt completely cooked when done!

As the amazon reviews said, I would not recommend this for a starting Taebo workout (I have done some kickboxing videos in the past so knew the moves-- roundhouse kick, etc) and that would be tough if you did not. He moves very fast. Since it is pieced together, it does not have that smooth flow that some videos do, but I loved the change up. He is so motivating, too.

I also really like the 8-counts he does. Not sure if he does this in all videos? But will show a move, then start with 8 counts.. then say "2 more sets!" and I know the end is coming. The favorite thing I hear him say is "Walk it off!!" which means I can stop!

He is so positive.. and happy. Oh, I love how he goes up to various people in his crowd and 'harasses' them.. lol- punches them in the stomach to make sure they are tight or tries to 'pull them apart' when they are supposed to be holding a move tights.. then comes to the camera and says..

"I'm going to pull you apart!! Don't let me!!" I thought he might come through the tv.

Only think I would change is something different than all the cruches in the floorwork, only because I have neck trouble- but might be fine for others. And would like mores streching at the end- but I did my own.

Very good. Liked a lot. One of the best home workouts I have had. Thanks for the recommend, Leonie!


Leonie said...

Oh, CIndy, I am happy! Happy yu liked the workout - it is cool! I actually like that it is made up of parts of other workouts - moe change. And Billy is incredibly funny and motivating, isn't he?

Taebo is one of my fave workouts - love others like Turbo Jam - both of these put me on a high after!

You could do other ab moves in place of the crunches, perhaps - o skip those sections, there is still a lot of standing ab work. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie-

Yup, love that Billy...:)

Can you tell me the difference between Taebo and Turbo Jam...
and also wondering if Taebo is just another word for (or form of) kickboxking?

I wish my libaray had more.. maybe have to check out amazon now!

Faith said...

Hi all! I tried to join by doing the google account thing but for some reason google didn't like me! I'll try again today.



Cindy said...

Hi Faith... I will send you another invitation.. let me know if you get it! Would love to have you join us.

Leonie said...

Faith, hope you can join s!

Cindy, Taebo is a form of kickboxing and Turbo Jam is a mix of kickboxing and dance. Make amy sense? lol!

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