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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Down Days

I thought it makes sense to not only post on the up days, but also the down ones. I have not felt really well all week and am getting a bit discouraged that the weight does not come off. It is not like I eat a gallon of ice cream at night. :0

This is where the rubber meets the road for me. I want this to continue to become a lifestyle, not a diet or short term agony. But, I find I needed some goals. When I didn't have goals set up, I worked out, kind of watched my eating but in the past 7 years managed to put on 25 pounds.

How did that happen?

I think it is due to emotional (comfort) eating. Also it is my age. I can tell a difference in my body as I am now in my late 40s. (Gosh that sounds old...!) Even just 10 years ago, in my late 30s I could still go run 3 miles without batting an eye, no injury risk, could drop 5 pounds quickly, etc.

But, I don't want to just give up and let myself go, because that is contrary to my goals. I want to be healthy and active.

So, I set goals. But I don't want to goals to rule my life. This reminds me a lot of the homeschooling discussions I have had with friends. Structure, but for the right reason. Don't let the curriculum rule your life, but use the curriclum when needed to serve you and the dc's needs.

So, when I go off my points at WW, or miss workouts, I don't want that guilty stuff. No need for that in my life! But if I don't have some goals, I fear I will drift and become unhealthier.

But I want to enjoy life, too... as Leonie said--- when friends come over, I am having that piece homemade quiche and enjoying it, too!

Does this make sense? Leonie, thoughts? If others are reading I would love your thoughts. Even if you are not making new entries, please post in comments.

So much food for thought... oh.. food... humm, some chocolate sounds really good... ARgh there I go again.. lol


K said...

Cindy, you and I are so much alike. I try to tell myself that I am doing this for my health, not for my "looks". Most days, I do fine. I've cut way back on those foods I know I overindulge in, but I still enjoy them from time to time. I mean, if Em is going to make me some cookies, how cruel it would be to tell her I couldn't have one! My dh has stopped asking me if I want any ice cream every night, which is good. I get frustrated when my body doens't respond the way I want it to. Sometimes I even think about quitting, but then I remember, I am doing this for "health" or more correctly, for "life". I run for mom, because she couldn't. I run to converse with God, because it's the only time I am not being tempted by other distractions. I have the opportunity to offer up the discomforts I feel during my run to God. I picture his broken body and realize that I can run through a bit of pain for Him. If I lose weight, "look" better, etc., this is all bonus. But again, my human-ness is evident each day when I step on the scale. When I put my times in for my PR's. When I shop for new workout gear.
Down days are part of the plan. We all have them, but the key is to recognize that we do and that they will pass!

Cindy said...

Karen... that first sentence is so true! ( I am still reading the rest..) but we are a lot alike which is one reason I enjoy you so much! (oh, that sounded egotistical..lol)

Cindy said...

Ok... read the rest... and Karen, you hit upon a topic I wanted to address, too.

Balancing Mind Body Spirit.

Recently someone reminded me of the perfect ultimate litmus test of everything we do, everything.

Is this bringing me closer to God?

Your running is.
Are my workouts? Am I focusing on vanity? How do we keep from it, especially in the culture in which we live today? Lots of questions! Any answers? This may need to turn into a new entry... lol

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Because of my thyroid problems, I understand "the body not responding" part.

It can be so humiliating because folks just assume that I overeat or don't eat the right foods and that is why I am overweight.


Slowly, I am learning that this is not my inadequacy...but I just turned 39 and my whole life have struggled with this issue.

I really can relate...

Leonie said...

Cindy, I comfort eat, too. I also comfort workout - do an extra workout when down or work ot extra hatrd when sad and depressed
( keeps the demons away! lol!).

I find setting an intention for my workouts helps - something I got from Billy Blanks and from Yoga Booty Ballet. Dedicating my workouts to God, to an intention .

Goals don't work for me - I feel presured to achieve. Instead, I have a vision and a lifestyle - yes, I want to lose some weight but there is no time frame. I find regular use of the sacles ( weekly or monthly) and tape measure is enough to help me stay on track - with ether maintenace or weight loss. If you had been doing this regularly, would you have noticed the weight earlier and taken action at,say, 5 lbs, instead of 25? That is my intention.

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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