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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Workout check in

Yesterday I did the 'retro' treadmill workout. Interesting. Only took about 30 min - burned about 159 cal. Not a great heart pumper, but at least it kept me on that durn machine for a while. Did about 15 min of strength training. Ralhpie helped by licking my face everytime I got close to the floor. Oh, so sweet.

Today did Step Jazzercise with Diane.. one of my all time fav instructors... and burned a whopping 400 cal- max hr was 159 (wheeee!) and avg was incorrect as I forgot to turn off my watch right away.

I still seem to get so much better of a workout at an aerobics class than at home.

Eating.. I am off the counting of weight watchers. I liked it thus far and it helped me learn portion sizes. Did pretty well today. Eating more vegs and fruits. Found some lovely blackberries on sale at the store.

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Leonie said...

Are you doing WW core or your own thing? I keep hearing that WW is a good plan - someone emailed me the list of core foods. :-)

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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