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Friday, January 19, 2007


Had a great workout just now at Jazzercise- Diane's class.. she always cooks me. :) She had a good set- lots of Jerry Lee Lewis and some disco... no rap! I am not a rappy kind of person, so I was happy.

Last night I made it to PT. Second time I have been at the night class and it was good. It is fun to work out in the evening for a change. I usually try to get the workout done in the morning, so I will DO it and not end up not doing it. :)

I have been trying to stay home evenings with family for dinner, etc. But it did feel good- re-energized me for the night. May need to keep doing that to get PT in since my Monday/Friday schedule is tough.

I do feel energized and rewarded myself with a cup of Starbucks. :)

Oh, I heard a quote I put on my other blog. This related more to working with my boys on their projects, but of course relates to me, too... all of us. Thought it was cute. Heard it from my Clonlara advisor, Dorothy. Just love her.

"It takes longer if you don't start."



Sabine said...

hey, I'm visiting and reading, not working out yet but maybe soon :-) I'd like to find some physical activity that isn't just exercise for the sake of exercise but that I could also do regularly.

Rachel May said...

I love the quote!

Leonie said...

Sabine - thats why I like Taebo - for me, its not just exercise but also works me spiritually and mentally.

Nice quote, Cindy - very true...

Anonymous said...

Sabine.. I think your question deserves a whole entry! Want to join us and do it? Or I will in the meantime.... :)


A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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