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Thursday, January 25, 2007

This one is for the walkers!

I walked my way slim...


Cindy said...

I love walking. All it takes is a pair of shoes and somewhere to go.

I hear that is by far the best activity- it is made for our bodies natrually.

Will check this out, Leonie!

Cindy said...

I like this comment (tip) she had:

"Follow the 80/20 rule. "I'll allow myself french fries or chocolate 20 percent of the time if the rest of my diet is healthy."

Leonie said...

Yep , I love the 30/20 or 90/10 rule. There is a cool book out called "The 90/10 Weight Loss Plan" by Joy Bauer. And thats the idea - 90 % healthy food and 10 % of what she clls fun food. Very nice recipes and meal plans - I've had it for about 18 months and still refer for ideas.

Leslie Sansone ( and others) hae walking DVDS, too, to mix up with outside walking, adding in weights and other moves...

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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