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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Step today

Today I did the step workout at Jazzercise with one of my favorite instructors, Diane. She is known as the 'TOUGH one'.. lol but it is just 'tough love' and she always gives a good workout. I wish they offered step more than once a week. It alwyas boosts my workout.

I burned over 400 cal today- and a normal one hr workout usually burns 350 or so. She had us going!

I was feeling down yesterday... couldn't shake it and everything looked bleak. One of *those* days. But after this hard workout today I feel so much better. Amazing how a good workout can change the entire mood and frame of reference.

No ice storm after all... so glad as I got that great step workout. :)

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Leonie said...

Workouts do make a difference to the way we feel,don't they?

I\When I'm feeling bleak I also remind myself of "Every Day above ground is a blessed day". Remembering Taebo makes me smile.

I didn't know Jazzercise had step classes - I have an aerobic step with risers and I do some step workout DVDs. Even Taebo has a step and weights workout!

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