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Monday, January 15, 2007

Ultimate Turbo... Pant Pant!

Today I did my Jazzercise workout then came home looking for some more strength training, so tried out the Billy Blanks DVD- Ulitmate Abs and Behinds. :)

It was tough! Wow Leonie, you must be iron-woman by now! lol

I didn't realize it was aerobic- thought from the title this one would be strength training only... so it was a double dose for me. I did about 30 min and was cooked.

I look foward to tomorrow and trying when I am fresh.

I like his energy.


Leonie said...

So glad you liked it - there is a lot of floorwork at the end of that workout so if you wanted just the resistance training
( unweighted, using the body as resistance) you could FF to those segments.

One of my internet friends says the Taebo Lives have her heart rate up for a long time and she burns at least 450 calories - I don't have a monitor so I don't knw any stats.

Cindy said...

I like my monitor, Leonie, if you are considering one. It is just another toy that keeps my motivated, but also is good for me to learn my body--- I can glance down and see how hard I am working and realte that to how I feel.

Also a motivator.

Thanks for the heads up on the restiance part. I may use that on days I can't get to PT but don't need more aerobics.

They are a challenge!

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