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Monday, January 29, 2007

Fed Up and Seven Habits

Leonie, I got the Fed Up book you rec'd from the library and read half of it last night! (I did skim over some parts that did not apply, but I found tons that did.)

I realize I am one of those who has let food take much too big of a role in my life.
I think she is onto something, and like the fact that she was in a similar boat- but pretty extreme, and then became a doctor- so seems to have a common sense approach to this. (not too psych-pop)

I like her goals- not dieting. She spends quite a bit of time on the whys, both physcially and psychologically. I also like that she has you really think about this and let it sink in. She also talks a lot about body image. I realized that I am a true child of the media and I guess like most people my age and younger, have been heavily influenced by the media.

This is part where I want spiritually to override.

One thing she talked about was to think about our genetics. If your parents are big-boned, or not petite, you probably will not look like Kate Moss. And if you do, you are probably ill.

I started thinking about me genetics. I take after my dad. He is 6'3". I am only 5'7" but I have his build. Broad shoulders (think Joan Crawford) long legs. When trying to decide if I was an apple or pear shape (you know the fitness test) I am neither. I finally found it, I am a watermelon.. I gain all over!

But, I also started thinking about my paternal grandmother. She is also built like her son. And I therefore am built like her. She was never a petite woman. She was never fat, but just strong and tall. I never thought that was a bad thing.

Oops! Yes I did! I remember asking a relative who I looked like. They said my grandmother. I asked if that meant I was pretty. The person just smiled and if to say no. Amazing how these things stick with a child! (Stephen Covey talks about that in 7 Habits)

I realistically thought about what my body can and should look like at age 47. And it is beautiful. I see other women and think they are very beautiful and they are not super thin. I am rather hung up on numbers. I was a bit heavy in high school then lost it in college and never wanted to go back.

But, I see that once one can accept their body and beautiful just as it is, then do healthy things to help it be better, that is were it's at!

Oh, other things I related to.. like don't buy new clothes until I lose weight and 'deserve it'. Silly things like that. Boy, the dieting media has really messed with our minds.

Now, add all this great advice to the character based insights I'm getting in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I'm gonna be so balanced I won't be able to stand it! lol


Rachel May said...

You are killing me! I'll never get through all these books, but I want to try. This book sounds like a must read. Thanks for sharing Cindy (and Leonie).

Leonie said...

Its a great book - Eliz Foss wrote about it on her blog recently. She and I read it kinda together a few years back...

I used to be paranoid about my weight as a teen and young mum and unhealthily thin - I over - worked - out and under - ate, so I can relate to some of the book.

I do my best if I just try to eat well and exercise :-0

Love your balance quote, Cindy!

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